Western Collection: Galloping Towards a 160% Growth in Subscriber Base

Saddle up and join us as we recount our adventure with Eaglemoss Publishing on their Western Collection project. Through innovative digital marketing strategies, we spurred a significant increase in their subscriber numbers.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing approached us with a distinctive project, Western Collection – a bi-weekly magazine devoted to the classics of the Western genre.

Their mission? To dramatically grow their subscriber base, amplify online interaction, and consolidate the brand’s online presence.

They aimed to increase their subscriber numbers by 60% while cultivating an engaging online community for Western genre aficionados.

The Strategy

Western Collection Website Design

Understanding the distinct fascination of Western genre enthusiasts, we tailored a comprehensive digital marketing strategy utilising SEO, content marketing, and engaging social media campaigns.

We generated engaging, SEO-optimised content and implemented strategic ad placements to reel in new visitors. Our social media campaigns fostered lively discussions among fans, building a vibrant online community. In addition, we launched an email marketing campaign to keep subscribers connected with captivating content, updates, and exclusive offers.



Increase in subscriber growth


Boost in website traffic


Increase in social media engagement

The Western Collection project exemplifies the effectiveness of a tailored digital marketing strategy. It shows the exceptional growth and engagement that can be achieved when a digital marketing plan resonates with the unique interests and passions of a target audience.

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