Venues of Excellence: Designing a 180% Boost in Online Bookings with a Website Revamp and SEO Strategy

Step into our work with Venues of Excellence, a premier consortium of event venues in the UK. Our comprehensive website redesign and SEO efforts led to a significant increase in online bookings.

The Brief

Venues of Excellence sought our expertise to invigorate their online presence and increase their online bookings.

They aimed to make their venues more appealing and accessible to potential clients, targeting a 80% increase in online bookings and a revamped website to enhance user experience and satisfaction.


Venues of Excellence Website Design

We set our sights on a full-fledged website redesign using WordPress. The new design was rooted in enhancing user experience with intuitive navigation, appealing visuals of the venues, and a seamless booking process. Mobile optimisation was a top priority to cater to the needs of the modern audience.

To complement the website revamp, we embarked on an integrated SEO strategy. Our aim was to elevate the brand’s visibility in search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately, boost online bookings. We deployed SEO-optimised content, relevant keywords, and local SEO techniques to reach potential clients looking for excellent event venues.

The Results

Our comprehensive approach delivered impressive outcomes:


Increase in online bookings


Boost in website traffic


Increase in time spent on the website

The Venues of Excellence project showcases the power of a well-executed website redesign paired with a robust SEO strategy.

It demonstrates how a user-friendly, visually appealing online platform, combined with effective SEO, can significantly boost online visibility, user engagement, and bookings.

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