Véhicules Militaires: Mobilising a 260% Surge in Subscriber Engagement for Our French Audience

Take a look at our project with Eaglemoss Publishing for Véhicules Militaires, a popular French military vehicle magazine. A targeted digital marketing strategy led to a significant uptick in subscriber engagement.

The BrieF

Eaglemoss Publishing entrusted us with their Véhicules Militaires project, targeting the enthusiastic French audience.

Their objective was to escalate subscriber engagement, increase online visibility, and solidify Véhicules Militaires’ digital presence in French-speaking markets.

They aimed for a 160% increase in subscriber engagement and to cultivate a robust online community around this beloved brand.

The Strategy

Vehicules Militaires Website Design

Understanding the unique interests of the French-speaking audience and the passionate community around military vehicles, we crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This strategy integrated SEO, content marketing, and captivating social media campaigns.

We created engaging, SEO-optimised content and executed strategic ad placements to attract new and existing fans.

Our social media campaigns spurred intriguing interactions among fans, building a vibrant online community.

Furthermore, we launched an email marketing campaign to keep subscribers hooked with interesting content, updates, and exclusive offers.

The Results

Our strategic approach drove significant growth for the Véhicules Militaires project:


Increase in subscriber engagement


Boost in website traffic


Increase in social media engagement

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