Music Earth Rise: Harmonising a 200% Increase in Online Donations

Listen to the symphony of success in our work with Music Earth Rise, a non-profit music project. Our harmonious digital marketing strategy led to a noteworthy increase in online donations.

The Brief

Music Earth Rise, a unique platform combining the power of music and philanthropy, aimed to amplify their online visibility and donation rates.

Their mission was to make their website more accessible and engaging for users, to foster a vibrant online community, and significantly increase online donations.

They set a goal to double their online donations and boost their online presence.


Music Earth Rise Website Design

Comprehending the altruistic spirit of the Music Earth Rise community, we conducted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, incorporating SEO, content marketing, and engaging social media campaigns.

We created SEO-optimised content and strategically placed ads to draw in new visitors. Our social media campaigns stimulated lively discussions and encouraged community participation, fostering a vibrant online community. Additionally, we developed an email marketing strategy to keep users updated with inspiring content, project updates, and opportunities to contribute.



Increase in online donations


Increase in web traffic


Rise in social media interaction

The Music Earth Rise project stands as a testament to the impact of a well-conducted digital marketing strategy within a community-focused environment. It confirms that understanding and catering to the unique passions and values of an audience can lead to significant growth and engagement.

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