Marvel Fact Files: A Marvellous 180% Jump in Subscriber Base

Take a deep dive into our extraordinary journey with Eaglemoss Publishing's Marvel Fact Files project. We invite you to discover how we helped them redefine their digital marketing approach, culminating in an impressive increase in their subscriber numbers.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing entrusted us with the Marvel Fact Files – a weekly publication rich in comic book lore that feeds the insatiable curiosity of Marvel fans.

We were presented with a challenge: significantly grow their subscriber numbers while increasing engagement across their online platforms.

With a fan base as fervent and discerning as Marvel’s, they aimed to not just meet but exceed expectations, hoping to almost double their subscriber count and invigorate their online community.

The Strategy

Marvel Factfiles Website Design

A project centered around a fan base as passionate as Marvel’s demanded a meticulous understanding of their needs and interests. Our digital marketing strategy was tailored accordingly, focusing on SEO, content marketing, and a well-executed social media campaign.

We embarked on the creation of SEO-optimised content to pull in new visitors and utilised targeted ad placements to reach potential subscribers. Marvel fans love community interaction; hence we facilitated it through active social media campaigns. A tailored email marketing strategy was also set in motion to keep subscribers consistently engaged with unique content, updates, and exclusive offers.


Our strategic planning bore impressive results for the Marvel Fact Files project. Here are the notable achievements:


Increase in subscriber growth


Surge in website trafficn


Rise in social media engagement

The Marvel Fact Files project showcases the power of an insightful and well-executed digital marketing strategy. It stands as an emblem of the remarkable growth and engagement possible when we resonate with the unique passions of a community.

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Since working with Matt and the team, our lead generation has significantly increased, and our brand recognition has improved across all digital platforms. The results speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our collaboration.

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