London Museum of Water & Steam: Piping Up Web Traffic by 250% with a Fresh Website Design & SEO Strategy

Immerse yourself in our collaboration with the London Museum of Water & Steam. A comprehensive website redesign, coupled with a strategic SEO plan, led to a significant influx in web traffic.

The Brief

The London Museum of Water & Steam, a historical landmark and educational institution, reached out to us with the goal of improving their digital presence.

They aimed to enhance user experience, increase accessibility, and attract more online visitors.

Their specific target was to amplify their website traffic by 150% through an engaging and user-friendly design coupled with a powerful SEO strategy.

The Strategy

London Museum of Water & Steam Website Design

Our approach involved two main stages: a complete website redesign and a bespoke SEO plan.

The website redesign was centred on enhancing user experience. We focused on intuitive navigation, mobile optimisation, and swift load times to cater to the modern, on-the-go audience. The new design also emphasised the museum’s mission and offerings effectively.

Our SEO strategy aimed to elevate the museum’s online visibility. By creating SEO-optimised content and focusing on relevant keywords, we strived to draw organic traffic to the revamped website.

The Results

Our comprehensive approach led to significant improvements:


Increase in website traffic


Improvement in bounce rate/p>


Increase in average session duration

The London Museum of Water & Steam project exemplifies the impact of a meticulously planned and executed website redesign paired with a strong SEO strategy. It highlights how a captivating, user-friendly digital presence, combined with effective SEO, can significantly boost brand visibility and user engagement.

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