James Bond's Car Collection: Accelerating Subscriber Growth by 150%

Join us as we recount our thrilling venture with Eaglemoss Publishing, working on their James Bond's Car Collection project. We're eager to share how our digital marketing strategies significantly shifted the gears, resulting in an accelerated growth in subscriber numbers.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing approached us with an exhilarating project – the James Bond’s Car Collection. This bi-weekly publication, showcasing the iconic vehicles from the world’s most famous spy, had an objective: to rev up their subscriber base, enhance online engagement, and cement their brand’s presence in the niche market of car and movie enthusiasts.

They had set their sights high, aiming to increase their subscriber base by 50% and spark more interaction on their social media platforms.

The Strategy

James Bonds Cars Collection Website Design

This project called for a deep understanding of the cross-section of interests between automobile enthusiasts and James Bond fans. We crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy revolving around SEO, content marketing, and targeted social media engagement, keeping the glamour and thrill of James Bond’s world central to our approach.

We produced engaging SEO-optimised content and implemented strategic ad placements to attract new visitors. Our interactive social media campaigns were designed to engage both car lovers and Bond fans, creating a buzzing online community. Additionally, we launched an email marketing campaign that kept subscribers hooked with enticing content, updates, and exclusive deals.

The Results

The response to our efforts was, much like a Bond movie, explosive. Here are the highlights:


Increase in subscriber growth


Increase in website traffic


Increase in social media angagement

The success of the James Bond’s Car Collection project demonstrates the tremendous impact of a tailored digital marketing strategy. It stands as evidence of the heights of growth and engagement that can be achieved when we effectively tap into the unique fascinations of a diverse audience.

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