Eaglemoss Shop: A 200% Sales Uplift with a Revamped Digital Marketing Strategy

Buckle up as we dive into our experience with Eaglemoss Publishing's online retail platform, the Eaglemoss Shop. Our digital marketing overhaul resulted in an impressive sales boost, demonstrating the power of innovative and agile online strategies.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing introduced us to their online retail platform, the Eaglemoss Shop. This diverse platform offers all products from past and present part-work magazine collections.

The task was twofold: to significantly increase sales volume and to improve brand visibility online.

Their aspiration was ambitious; they aimed to double their sales figures while enhancing their brand’s presence across various online platforms.

The Strategy

Eaglemoss Collections Website Design

Selling a wide range of products to a diverse audience required a deep understanding of varied customer interests. With this in mind, we designed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focused on SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and data-driven email marketing.

We enhanced the shop’s online visibility by creating SEO-optimised content and managing strategic ad placements. By focusing on audience segmentation, we designed targeted email marketing campaigns that delivered personalised content, news, and exclusive offers to customers. A strong social media presence was also maintained to facilitate interaction with existing and potential customers.

The Results

Our customized approach to Eaglemoss Shop’s challenges yielded impressive results. Here’s the breakdown:


Increase in sales


Increase in website traffic


Rise in social media engagement

The success of the Eaglemoss Shop project exemplifies the impact of a customised, responsive, and data-driven digital marketing strategy. It affirms the potential for significant sales growth and enhanced brand visibility that can be unlocked through understanding and catering to the unique interests of a diverse customer base.

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