Cute Crochet: Stitching Together a 130% Growth in Subscribers

Get ready to unravel our delightful journey with Eaglemoss Publishing's Cute Crochet project. With carefully crafted digital marketing strategies, we were able to knit together an impressive growth in their subscriber numbers.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing engaged us with an endearing project, Cute Crochet – a bi-weekly magazine that brings the joy of crocheting to the masses. The challenge was twofold: to significantly expand their subscriber base and to strengthen their online community of crochet enthusiasts.

They set their sights on a lofty goal of growing their subscriber numbers by 30% while fostering a robust online presence for the Cute Crochet brand.


Cute Crochet Website Design

Understanding the niche community of crochet enthusiasts was the key to designing an effective digital marketing strategy. We crafted a plan encompassing SEO, content marketing, and vibrant social media campaigns, keeping the warmth and craftiness of crochet at the core of our messaging.

We created engaging, SEO-optimised content to attract new visitors, and utilised strategic ad placements to reach potential subscribers. Our social media campaigns encouraged interaction among crochet enthusiasts, building a welcoming and engaging community. To complement this, we devised an email marketing strategy to keep subscribers updated with fresh content, tips, and exclusive offers.

The Results

Our carefully crafted strategy resulted in impressive growth for the Cute Crochet project:


Increase in subscriber growth


Boost in website traffic


Increase in social media engagementn

The Cute Crochet project showcases the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy within a niche community. It serves as a testament to the potential for growth and engagement that can be achieved when the unique passions and interests of an audience are understood and catered to.

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