CanDo Communications: Crafting a New Digital Presence with a 300% Increase in Web Traffic

Step into our journey with CanDo Communications, where we reinvented their digital presence with a newly designed website and a tailored SEO strategy. This comprehensive approach resulted in a substantial increase in web traffic.

The Brief

CanDo Communications, a leading provider of communication solutions, sought our expertise for a complete digital makeover.

Their objective was to enhance their online visibility, improve brand image, and increase website traffic significantly.

They aimed to make their brand more accessible and appealing to their target audience, with a specific goal of tripling their website traffic.

The Strategy

Can-do Communications Website Design

To meet CanDo Communications’ needs, we embarked on a two-pronged approach: a complete website redesign and a bespoke SEO strategy.

The website redesign focused on enhancing user experience, reflecting the brand’s ethos, and showcasing their offerings effectively. We optimized the website for mobile use and ensured quick load times to cater to the modern, on-the-go audience.

Our SEO strategy was designed to elevate CanDo Communications’ visibility in search results. By creating SEO-optimised content and focusing on relevant keywords, we aimed to draw organic traffic to the new website and keep them engaged.

The Results

Our comprehensive approach yielded significant results:


Increase in web traffic


Improvement in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration

The CanDo Communications project demonstrates the impact of a well-planned and executed website redesign coupled with a tailored SEO strategy. It affirms that an appealing, user-friendly digital presence combined with SEO can significantly enhance brand visibility and user engagement.

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