Blackbird London: Crafting a 200% Increase in Sales with a Bespoke E-commerce Solution

Dive into our project with Blackbird London, a high-end jewellery brand. Our custom-built e-commerce solution and digital marketing strategy delivered an impressive boost in sales.

The Brief

Blackbird London approached us with a vision to transform their digital presence into an e-commerce hub that could effectively showcase their exquisite jewellery collection and drive sales.

They targeted a 100% increase in online sales and a user-friendly e-commerce platform that could enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

The Strategy

Blackbird London Website Design

Keeping in mind the brand’s aesthetic and the discerning tastes of their customer base, we developed a bespoke e-commerce solution using ASP.NET.

Our design focused on user experience with easy navigation, high-quality imagery, and a seamless checkout process.

To complement the new e-commerce platform, we created an integrated digital marketing strategy. We employed SEO best practices to enhance online visibility and implemented strategic ad placements to attract potential customers.

In addition, we launched an email marketing campaign to engage with the brand’s customer base, offering exclusive updates, promotional offers, and new product announcements.

The Results

Our holistic approach to the Blackbird London project led to significant improvements:


Increase in online sales


Boost in website traffic


Increase in customer retention rate

The Blackbird London project highlights the power of a tailored e-commerce solution paired with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

It demonstrates how a user-friendly, visually appealing online shopping experience, combined with effective SEO and customer engagement, can significantly boost sales and customer retention.

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