Batman Automobilia: Soaring to a 140% Increase in Subscriber Numbers

Step into our thrilling collaboration with Eaglemoss Publishing on the Batman Automobilia project. Our strategic digital marketing techniques successfully navigated the project to a substantial increase in subscriber numbers.

The Brief

Eaglemoss Publishing presented us with a unique project, Batman Automobilia – a fortnightly magazine that combines the excitement of the Batman franchise with a passion for iconic vehicles.

Their objective? To accelerate their subscriber base, enhance online interaction, and strengthen the brand’s online presence.

They aspired to grow their subscriber numbers by 40% and to create a vibrant online community for Batman and car enthusiasts.

The Strategy

Batman Automobilia Website Design

Recognising the intersecting interests of car lovers and Batman fans, we devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that utilised SEO, content marketing, and dynamic social media engagement.

To attract new visitors, we created SEO-optimised content and implemented strategic ad placements. Our social media campaigns promoted fan discussions, creating a dynamic online community. Additionally, we used email marketing to maintain regular contact with subscribers, providing engaging content, updates, and exclusive offers.

The Results

Our carefully crafted strategy resulted in the Batmobile speeding past its goals:


Increase in subscriber growth


Increase in website trafficn


Rise in social media engagement

The Batman Automobilia project illustrates the power of a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. It stands as evidence that by understanding and harnessing the unique interests of a target audience, we can achieve phenomenal growth and engagement.

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